robimerch to robi

The RobiMerch website is now relocating.

It doesn’t feel long at all since I created the website, to be fair it really has only been a couple of months since it went live. However, due to current and future expansion plans the RobiMerch website is now relocating to my main domain, and my artwork for merchandise can now be found at

This move will free up the subdomain to allow for new and exciting projects which are currently in the pipeline. I’ll drop more info on these plans as blog posts as and when they come to fruition.

Other than the relocation of the content of the merch website, nothing else has been earmarked for radical change. Rest assured RobiMerch is going to carry on creating fresh designs for awesome people like you! I will also continue uploading new, original designs for print on a wide range of merchandise, to my storefronts located on a selection of fulfilment platforms such as Redbubble and Teepublic.

Please remember to check out all the stores available on any products you may be interested in purchasing, as the suppliers often have discounts and sales available at different times throughout the year. I’m going to try and be a little more proactive and make some posts on the social networks and perhaps a notification or two on this website, relating to discounts when I’m told that a supplier is planning on having a sale.

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