Mom is busy

Lady drinking wine, art deco style design.

A retro illustration design of a lady drinking wine, inspired by the Art Deco style of the 1920’s and 1930’s. This illustration has been used as a stand alone artwork as well as incorporated into various designs such as ‘’Mam’s on recharge…
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Genuine Rooinek design

Genuine Rooinek

A funny distressed style Genuine Rooinek design created for all the British who have spent time in South Africa and can relate to being called a Rooinek in Afrikaans. Rooinek in the Afrikaans language is a combination of two words, rooi which…
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Keep Calm I'm a Soutie Funny T-Shirt

Keep Calm I’m a Soutie

A funny design created for all the British and English speaking South Africans who can relate to being called a Soutie. A slang term used for British and sometimes English speaking South Africans. These were claimed to have one leg in South…
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Check your artwork for thieves, they're out there.

Check your artwork for thieves, they’re out there.

Unless you have a red hot, finely niched, on-trend design, it’s often not enough to merely upload your artwork and hope that the search algorithms will recognise it as the must have item that everybody must own. As a commercial artist selling…
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robimerch to robi

The RobiMerch website is now relocating.

It doesn’t feel long at all since I created the website, to be fair it really has only been a couple of months since it went live. However, due to current and future expansion plans the RobiMerch website is now relocating…
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