Paul Robinson

Graphic designer/illustrator based in the North East of England. Experienced in developing creative ideas and concepts, selecting the optimum media and style to meet client project objectives within agreed deadlines and budgets.


My spirit animal is a grumpy dragon

My spirit animal is a grumpy dragon. An original design with a funny cartoon style dragon. Perfect for people who take pride in their grumpiness. The ‘Grumpy Dragon’ design is used on: Clothing (T-Shirts, Hoodies etc.)…

Veldskoen en Mampoer, ou skool koel - hero

Veldskoen en Mampoer, ou skool koel

A vintage style design with a line art Veldskoen, liquor glass and wording. This design was created especially for the Saffers (South Africans) wanting to showcase some old school South African humour. Two variations were made,…

Hibernation mode activated - hero pillow

Hibernation Mode Activated

Hibernation mode activated – a cute cartoon bear wearing a nightcap and sleeping in a warm comfy bed. This original design is perfect for those who like to spend the cold and frosty seasons of fall…

Christmas is the season to RTFM hero tshirt

Christmas is the season to RTFM

This funny original Christmas design shows Santa reading the manual in a garland of Christmas lights. Whether you are installing some complicated Christmas illuminations or trying to figure out how the kids’ toys are assembled before…