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RobiMerch is open for business and creating designs for awesome people like you!

Very exciting times ahead as I start creating and uploading my designs to the various print-on-demand storefronts. The print on demand fulfilment centres that I am using are Redbubble, and Teepublic. I’m hoping to get an invite from Merch by Amazon to start uploading my designs to Amazon in the near future, as they obviously have a massive audience. But for the moment I’m delighted with the companies that I’m currently working with. They offer a wide range of quality products and have a good amount of people searching their sites for various items ranging from stickers to duvet covers.

RobiMerch is to be an outlet for my own creativity, the beauty of it is that I’m not constrained by client brief or have to create to someone else’s vision of what a particular design element should and shouldn’t incorporate. To quote an old friend, ‘You gotta do what you dig’.

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Print-on-demand merchandising is really getting me excited about the direction my art is going in. My first gig as a graphic designer was for a screen printing firm and I loved it. That was back in the day before computers had been adopted by the creative community, back then it was all done with Rotring pens, Rubylith, darkrooms and light tables. Ah, those were the days, I can still smell the bromide solution!

We are now in the 2020s and merchandising has become so much easier for the artist, I no longer need a darkroom at my disposal, or to keep hazardous chemicals behind the cheese in the refrigerator. Between my sketch pad, iPad and PC, I have all the equipment I need to be able to create print-ready artwork for any item of merchandise available.

I don’t even need to hold any stock or deal with any printing or delivery issues that may arise. Using print on demand services with worldwide fulfilment centres I can create artwork to print specification and have them market, sell, print, pack and deliver the merchandise as well as deal with customer service. This frees up my time to concentrate on creating fresh original designs. In short, doing what I dig.

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