Gotta Do What You Dig.


Paul Robinson

I am a graphic designer/illustrator experienced in developing creative ideas and concepts, selecting the optimum media and style to meet client project objectives within agreed deadlines and budgets.

My first gig as a graphic designer was for a screen printing firm and I loved it. That was back in the day before computers had been adopted by the creative community, back then it was all done with Rotring pens, Rubylith, darkrooms and light tables. Ah, those were the days, I can still smell the bromide solution!

We are now in the 2020s and creating artwork has become so much easier for the artist, I no longer need a darkroom at my disposal, or to keep hazardous chemicals behind the cheese in the refrigerator. Between my sketch pad, iPad and PC, I have all the equipment I need to be able to create print-ready artwork for any item.