RNGesus says you're a NOOB!

RNGesus Gamer Collection

RNG (Random Numer Generation) is a huge part of gaming. It can often make the difference between winning or losing a game. RNGesus is the supreme being of RNG, deciding whether a gamer will reign victorious or be crushed in defeat.

This collection of original designs focuses on RNGesus paired with quotes that most gamers will be able to relate to.

  • RNGesus guides my shots.
    (RNGesus will smile upon you and guide your shots to victory!)
  • RNGesus loves me & my clan.
    (RNGesus will smile upon and bless you and your clanmates!)
  • RNGesus made me do it!
    (RNGesus will take the blame and accept responsibility for any misconduct you may have gotten up to while gaming!)
  • RNGesus says get REKT!
    (RNGesus will smile upon you as you cause carnage and mayhem on the battlefield, get REKT!)
  • RNGesus says YOLO!
    (RNGesus will smile upon and protect you as you commit totally into rushing alone into enemy lines, YOLO!)

and my personal favourite…

  • RNGesus says you’re a NOOB!
    (RNGesus will smile upon and give his blessing when you call anyone and everyone in-game a NOOB!)

Merchandise printed with this design is available from the following suppliers:

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Don’t forget to check out all available stores as they often have special offers that run at different times. It’s also worth mentioning that Redbubble allows for refined artwork variations on individual products such as mugs, clocks and socks.

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