Poop Emoji Christmas Tree Facemask

Poop Emoji Christmas Tree

This Poop Emoji decorated Christmas tree was designed to add some cheer to the festive season. The design asset was separated out from my Merry Christmas 2020 Poop Emoji Christmas Tree T-shirt design and used both as a stand-alone design and converted into a repeating pattern for all over print items such as face masks and socks.

You can’t polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter #toptip
Julian Osborne

Merchandise printed with this design is available from the following suppliers:

Redbubble logo
Teepublic Logo

Helpful Tip

Don’t forget to check out all available stores as they often have special offers that run at different times. It’s also worth mentioning that Redbubble allows for refined artwork variations on individual products such as mugs, clocks and socks.

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