Quartz Magick on background

Quartz Magick – Logo Design Project

A design brief including a young, playful design with a preference for pink and clean colours. The design was to be mostly used on product packaging and web based storefronts.

A range of logo lockups were designed for use on different media types.

I wanted to incorporate the crystal as this is the primary product and worked perfectly as the letter ‘i’ of magick. I also wanted a design element that represented magic, and after ruling out several options, including the pentagram, which all seemed to be too dark and not suited to the playful brief, I decided that a magical looking star used as the tittle on the letter ‘i’ would be both a fun and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I was very happy with the way it ended up looking like a crystal wand, further reinforcing the word ‘magick’ in the logo.

Quartz Magick on background

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