Please wait I'm buffering coasters

Please wait, I’m buffering

We’ve all been victim to the dreaded buffering symbol at one time or another. This is generally caused by slow internet speeds or too many apps open at one time. Wouldn’t it be handy if we could also take a time out when a difficult situation arises? Well, now you can, by simply relaxing and pointing at your ‘Please wait, I’m buffering’ merch!

This simple humorous text-based design was created especially for those office workers that are juggling multiple tasks and really need a break from the endless workload.

The ‘Please wait, I’m buffering’ design is used on:

  • Clothing (T-Shirts, Hoodies etc.)
  • Home Goods (Mugs, Coasters etc.)
  • Stickers and Magnets
  • Stationery (Notebooks, Journals etc.)
  • Accessories (Bags, Masks etc.)

Merchandise printed with the ‘Please wait, I’m buffering’ design is available from the following suppliers:

Redbubble logo
Teepublic Logo

Helpful Tip

Don’t forget to check out all available stores as they often have special offers that run at different times. It’s also worth mentioning that Redbubble allows for refined artwork variations on individual products such as mugs, clocks and socks.

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